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New Blog for Style Wax Poetic

Posted in Uncategorized by Kristen on May 13, 2010

This is the last post for this site, but I will be continuing the same blog just with a new location.  Don’t miss a beat, and join me at

Thanks for reading – you all inspire me to bring you even better content. Stay tuned while I travel to the best boutiques all over the nation…coming soon at

xoxo Kristen


COVET vs. SNAG – Kakhi Dress & Combat Boots!

Posted in Covet vs Snag, Online Shopping, Oufits by Kristen on May 12, 2010

Sundays For The Boyz – Mewelry

Posted in Accessories, Sunday For The Boyz by Kristen on May 10, 2010

Guys can wear jewelry too! Kate Ellen is finding your junk and making it cool. Unique nuts, bolts, rings – a man can feel comfortable wearing jewelry, or mewelry as I call it.  Check out more at Kate Ellen Metals Jewelry, or read more at Cool

Green Dress

Posted in Oufits, Uncategorized by Kristen on May 9, 2010

I’ve been wearing more brights lately – it’s Spring, it’s sunny and it’s hot. Unfortunately though, I haven’t stepped too much into the sun – you can tell by the color of my skin!

It was 85 degrees today and I had some time to play around.  The colors are changing and there is so much pretty scenery right now.

Combining my love of vintage and fashion photography, I was able capture this picture. My props – vintage random shades (ones that I will probably only use for styling… but oh so fun!), green dress (time to spring out your brights!) and ME.  Let me just disclaim, I know I’m not a model, nor do I claim to be one, but I love, love, love photography. Sometimes the only person I have to shoot, is me, so keep that in mind as I’m learning to be comfortable “infront” of the lense. I want to share with you my clothes and what inspires me.

Outfit Days – It’s A Spring Thang.

Posted in Oufits by Kristen on May 8, 2010

Not sure what to wear today? How about something like this?

Chic, comfortable, and beautiful soft Spring colors. Oxfords are comfortable, on trend shoes, easy for walking through the city or being comfortable at a day at work.Vintage is a huge inspiration for many designers these days and but also very accessible for people on a budget, like most of us!! Vintage shopping will make your money go a lot further with your wardrobe – check back for more ideas!

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Music Mondays

Posted in Music Mondays, Uncategorized by Kristen on May 4, 2010

Spring Trends – Socks!

Posted in Spring Trends by Kristen on May 4, 2010

An easy way to add a little spruce to your outfits – add socks! $6-20 is all you need and you’ll find yourself on trend and many compliments flying your way.

Early 20s – brights, colors, have fun it’s up to you!

Mid/late 20s – 30s – Stick to neutrals – tan, cream, black, grey will keep things new without being too distracting.

Target or American Apperal has great options.

Sundays for the Boyz – Amsterdam Style

Posted in Sunday For The Boyz by Kristen on May 2, 2010

These pictures are from Stylesight’s blog – they do research on trends in the fashion industry.  These two men have great style! I love hats on guys, I think they add a great touch of style.

I was shopping with my friends in town from Austria, two guys,  and they asked me what kind of style I like on men.  I said one of my favorite things for a guy to wear is a long cardigan. It shows they have fashion sense and it gives a relaxed casual cool look.

images via Stylesight

Photo Thursdays – Sacha Maric

Posted in Inspiration, Photo Thursdays by Kristen on April 30, 2010

Okay, this is late, yes it’s Friday. Things have been a little crazy on my end, but this post to me is worth the wait. Hope it is for you too. Holy amazing if you ask me. I’m beyond inspired.

This is the work of Sacha Maric who’s based between Copenhagen and London.  I find it again, similar to the last photographer I posted on from Ben’s Blog, amazing and inspiring that he has been working professionally for about 4 years.  He says this about his inspirations: “I’m inspired by unconventional approaches to art. be that photography, film or music. Nothing is more exciting than having your eyes open to a new perspective or take on things. Also, my surroundings, the mundane things that cross my path in everyday life. Friends, family and my daughter. The dark and cold Scandinavian winter and the rejuvenation that I feel when spring arrives.” (Ben Trovato Blog)  See Ben’s Blog for more of his work and stay tuned for a book coming out soon!

The Ben Trovato Blog

Surf meets Fashion

Posted in New Collections by Kristen on April 29, 2010

It’s amazing to see two of my favorite industries blending closer together – surf/skate/snow and fashion. When the economy took a turn a while back, the surf industry and fashion industry began to struggle which has forced companies and designers to put out some really great product in order to survive.

Quiksilver ten years ago consisted of cotton dresses, beach like clothing and sandals. I loved the brand because of what it represented, but I didn’t wear their clothes.  Within  last year Quik and other surf/skate companies really began to take more of a fashion forward stance, along with RCVA (Erin Wasson) and Insight’s skate/fashion streetewear in order to survive the economy.  At least something good has come out of this economy!  The bathing suit and the colorways at the bottom are my favorite.

These pictures are from Sincerly, Jules. Her blog is lovely, you have to check it out! Thanks Jules for the inside scoop!